Deleting side bars in theme

sorry if I reopen this discussion after a long time. first of all please everyone. it’s my first post and thanks for any time you will dedicate to me. i started using ojs not long and i am looking for a solution to my problem. i am using the boostrap3 template. I would like to delete the sidebars only in the article_details.tpl page
I saw how the sidebars is recalled in the footer, but I didn’t understand how to delete it only on the aforementioned page. could someone give me some guidance please?

Hi @simgiallorosso,

It might be easier to discuss this in a separate post, so I’ve started a new post from the original one ([Closed] Can we remove the right side bar (Blocks) in the abstracts? - #11), since it was quite older. Can you provide some details first:

What version of OJS are you using and what version of the bootstrap theme?

Best regards,

PKP Team

bootstrap theme v3.2.0.4

thank you very much for this post reopened and for your help