[Closed] Can we remove the right side bar (Blocks) in the abstracts?

Can we remove the right side Blocks (custom and default blocks) and replace it by the inner information bar in the abstract page only? The right side bar (Blocks including custom blocks) are not so important in abstract pages.
Also, this will give full space to the abstracts which can be followed by the entire article. All information bar will be present in place of the right side blocks.

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Hi @varshilmehta,

Which of our applications are you using, and what version? (Please include this information in your posts.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

It is OJS 3.0.1. Do let me know. Thanks.

Hi @varshilmehta,

Currently only the full-text views (e.g. HTML, PDF, or Lens Viewer plugins) distinguish themselves from the rest of the site by excluding the blocks; in order to exclude the blocks from the abstract view, you’d need to modify OJS slightly.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Yes, i know that. But how should i do it?

The article’s abstract view is processed by this hander in ArticleHander:

The view() method calls the template ‘frontend/pages/article.tpl’ here:

That template includes ‘frontend/common/header.tpl’:

Which includes the sidebars:


I think all the job is in the
{$sidebarCode} ?

Some tips to start modifying this?

Various core components and plugins will call the hook “Templates::Common::Sidebar” to assign content to $sidebarCode.

Are you continuing the thread about removing the sidebar in some cases, or are you interested in a new question about modifying the contents of the side? If this is a new question, please post the details of what you are hoping to do in a new topic.

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Thankz ctGraham,
I m brand new to ojs and i m designing ojs 3.0.2 for a customer.
I would be able to customize the right sidebar freely without the custom blocks plugin.
Or mybe the possibility to change the upper position in the sidebar Column.
Yes is a new discussion.
Sorry for my rusty english, i m italian.

I also thinking about customizing sidebar. So, it can be simply written plugin, that assigns variables to smarty template and expose through Templates::Common::Sidebar? If so it is really convenient :slight_smile: Actually thinking about some sort of browse latest articles plugin, that will be available in the sidebar or in the main page.

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