Decision letters available to authors in the submission interface

Describe the problem you would like to solve
The final decision letter accept or reject is not available in the authors in the author interface.

Describe the solution you’d like
Letter made available for the authors in a similar way to a revision request letter

Who is asking for this feature?
Authors!! sometimes emails are trapped in spam folders and they are unaware of the decision, plus it should remain stored at submission level.

Additional information
non, we are using OJS

Hi @lsteele,

I just ran a quick test where I selected “revisions required” for a submission, then went back later as the editor and accepted it. When I login as the author I can see both of these decisions and full emails in the Review tab.

When I click on the “Editor Decision” links under Notifications I can see the full email text.

Can you confirm that this is working for you as well? I will note that when the author first logs in they will see the submission in the Copyediting stage, so they need click on the Review tab to see this information.

Hello KShuttle,
I confirm that as you indicate you can view all email within the review tab. I find it strange that there is a different behaviour in the view for author and editors, where as an editor you only access the decision letters from the activity log. I would have thought that decision letters are previleged correspondence, therefore warranting a predominant view. But fine, this is the way it is. Thank you showing me where to find them as an author!

Hi @lsteele
If the submission is accepted or declined without sending to the Review step, we couldn’t see the editorial decision on that pages. Currently, I don’t have a way to check right now if it’s still running.
I think, there is an old discussion on this topic here, and it has been added to the OJS 3.4 milestone.

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