Currently assigned is incorrect (archived counted as well)

Whenever I want to add a reviewer, I always check how many submissions the reviewer has currently - it is simply not considerate to send someone a new request if that person has already accepted to review 1 or 2 papers.

However, the number of currently assigned papers is incorrect. For example, the user is showing as having three papers currently assigned, but when I log in as that user, there are no papers assigned.

The reason is that archived papers also count towards the total, which should not be the case - we do not expect the reviewer to finish those reviews as those papers have already been processed. The user simply didn’t finish those reviewers, and we carried on without them.

Is there a way to not count those archived submissions? otherwise, the currently assigned value is meaningless, and I would have to check every time I assign a reviewer to a paper.

We are using cloud-hosted OJS/PKP installation; I’m not sure what version is that, can’t find that information anywhere

Hi @Vitomir_Kovanovic,

Thanks for your post. It will be helpful to know the version number you are working in, to find it, please see this post: How do I determine my PKP software's version?

PKP Team

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