Curent status for PDF to PMC XML conversion


At a certain moment in time PKP was involved in the Open Typesetting stack:
"Open Typesetting Stack
PKP has created a standalone service for converting Microsoft Word and PDF documents to
structured National Library of Medicine JATS XML (used by PLoS and PubMed Central), and from
there, creating attractive HTML, PDF, and ePub article views from the XML. This service is
intended to decrease the labour involved in typesetting, and to facilitate the creation of archivefriendly and web-native article formats. It is called Open Typesetting Stack, or OTS for short. The
OTS service is being integrated into OJS 3 as a plugin and is developed alongside Substance
Software’s Texture WYSIWYG XML editor.More details are here. "

I checked now the Substance Softare’s Texture website, and the PKP link, but both are dead.
Do you know what happened, or what is the current status for this development?