[OJS 3.3] Plugin Instalation


I wanted to install the markup (after OJS as been installed) and wanted to know in what format should i use. Should i use the .tar.gitz or should i leave is as a folder?

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José Nobre

Hi @josenobre,

I would caution against installing this plugin manually as it has not been tested with OJS 3.3 and is designed to work with Open Type Setting Stack (for which the development is incomplete at this time). @asmecher may be able to advise whether or not this plugin will be updated / tested with OJS 3.3 in the future.

PKP Team

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Hi @josenobre,

The markup plugin is no longer actively maintained/developed and won’t be compatible with recent releases of OJS. See Curent status for PDF to PMC XML conversion, and I’d recommend searching this forum for newer threads on JATS.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


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