CSS disappearing. Not able to upload from ojs site

Describe the issue or problem
The custom CSS that we uploaded in settings>website> advanced >journal style sheet is not showing when we go to the path. when we remove the file and upload a new CSS it doesn’t stick.

Steps I took leading up to the issue
For example:

  1. deleted stylesheet.css file from the server folder and uploaded again via GUI. the file was uploaded with success and permission shows the owner apache however after some time when we try to replace CSS with a new css file from GUI it does the behavior of the user not being able to upload the CSS again. this is annoying as users cannot upload and test css file.

What application are you using?

Additional information

Hi @deepakc,

Do you get any error when you upload it?

PKP Team

hi @rcgillis . thanks for replying. no error. the css files saves successfully however it dissapears.

as i mentioned if i go to folder in server and delete the file from there. then i can upload the new css however not all users have access to server to delete the file.

Hi @deepakc,

I see you may have experienced a very similar issue previously: Custom CSS disappearing from Journal style sheet - #13 by deepakc - have you tried some of the suggestions there, this time? Or, is this different from that issue?

PKP Team

hi @rcgillis , the solution that i found (deleting from server and uploading via GUI) still works however if users want to upload on their own then that’s difficult . we have to follow same procedure again and again.
we are looking for something permanent in which users are independent to upload via GUI. (like if they want to upload couple of times at one point). in our case we have to always delete from server and then upload it via GUI. otherwise we are not able to upload css file.



The same thing happens to me and I had to do exactly the same, directly delete the file from the server. This is repeated 17 times, which is the number of journals in the system.