Crossref reference linking doubling DOIs, progress?


We are running OJS and are having an issue with the Crossref Reference Linking Plugin inserting duplicate DOIs into reference metadata. The bug is referenced in this closed thread: OJS Crossref Reference Linking plugin only operates when articles are unpublished and republished (bug).

Sorry for starting a new thread about this, but I was wondering if we could get some progress report on this issue? It would be great to know because some of our journals now want to turn the plugin off, since it messes with their references.

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Magnus A


It appears that you worked on some of the issues associated with this - can you speak to this?

PKP Team

Hi @mannemark,

Unfortunately this issue has not been addressed yet :frowning: You can follow this GitHub issue to see the progress: Consider the entered DOIs in references · Issue #7048 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.


Thank you @bozana! Hope it can be fixed soon as it is causing some damage to our metadata.

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