Critical Help Needed for Indexing OJS Website ( on Google Scholar

Dear esteemed colleagues,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing with a pressing concern regarding the indexing of our OJS website,, on Google Scholar.

Despite fervent efforts, and after a year and a half of waiting, our journal systems remain conspicuously absent from Google Scholar’s index. A search using the string “” on Google Scholar yields zero results, leaving us deeply troubled.

I have meticulously studied the guidelines outlined by Google Scholar, which can be found here: Google Scholar Help and also the one outlined by PKP Google Scholar Indexing ( I am confident that we adhere to all the specified criteria.

Furthermore, our sitemap was promptly submitted to the Google Webmaster Tool almost half a year ago. It is pertinent to mention that we have recently migrated to a new hosting provider only for this issue.

I implore any fellow journal practitioners or members of this forum who have encountered and resolved a similar issue to kindly share their invaluable insights and advice.

Your prompt assistance in this matter would be immeasurably appreciated.

Warm regards,

Can someone help us on this matter :frowning:

Does Google Search Console indicate that your pages have been indexed (menu Pages)?

When you switched to the new provider, did you install the property file supplied by Google to identify you as owner of the site in the OJS root directory?

Yes, I took the necessary steps to ensure that my pages were indexed. When I switched to the new provider, I installed the property file supplied by Google in the OJS root directory to properly identify myself as the owner of the site. As of now, I have 115 indexed pages using sitemap method but only google , not google scholar.

Any help ? Thank you