Context menu in text editor missing "paste" option in OJS 3.4

After upgrading to OJS 3.4 the context menu in any text editor field contains only “link” option as shown in the image below. One of the important options missing is the “paste” option. User can paste by using shortcut keys (ctrl+v) but the option in context menu still very useful.

Is there a way to enable this option?

Hi @Mohammad_Jaafar_Ali,

A little while back, a number of options were removed from this toolbar - please see an expanation here: Adding images to announcements in OJS 3.3 - Tiny MCE - #4 by rcgillis I suspect that these options were removed along those lines too. That said, you can still use the Ctrl+X Ctrl+V shortcuts that would be available in most common operating systems.

PKP team