Conference terminology in OJS

Dear OJS users,

We have started using OJS 3.1.1-4 to submit conference abstracts / papers since OCS will not be upgraded in the near future (The future of OCS!?)

  • Have anyone of you made changes in the English locale files to get a terminology that better suites conferences rather than journals?
    • Can you please provide us with such files?
  • Do you have any tips of how to make the “translation” easier. Any software out there?

Best regards,


Hi @eddoff,

The new translation plugin in OJS 3 is improved and quite useful. You can give a try.

Regards, Primož

Thank you!

I tried that, but when I have changed a string and click outside the box the string is changed to “Array”. And that’s done even if I don’t change the text, just enter the edit-mode.
I used find and replace in notepad++ instead. It was not the best way to do it but it worked…