The future of OCS!?

Dear developers and users,
We have been using OCS for quite some time. However it seems a little bit outdated (in terms of layout and GDPR-compliant). I am wondering if there are any plans to release an OCS 3.x this year.
According to: it should be released in the second quarter of 2018. Now soon the third quarter has passed… Where are you at?

If there will not be any updates in the near future we will have to use OJS for abstract submission to conferences instead. Has anyone of you out there used OJS for conferences? Do you have any tips of how we can tweak OJS to fit for conferences?

Best regards,

Edvin @ Linköping University, Sweden

Hi @eddoff,

There’s a more recent update on our OCS plans here:

Essentially we haven’t had the resources to tackle this properly. At this point I would recommend using OJS for conferences rather than OCS, even though it’s not a perfect fit for the job, rather than using OCS.

Our ongoing work to develop the shared library that both OJS and OMP use is still a growing opportunity for OJS – it means that the various applications we maintain require less individual resources as they share more central aspects. So all is not lost for OCS, though I’m not able to give more concrete plans yet.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I have been using OCS for years. I also use OJS 3+. I find both a bit different for the intended purpose.

If you want to fully manage a conference including registration, building a program and other conference related tasks I recommend OCS 2.3.6 which I think is the most current version.

Tha PKP team has done a great job in the improvements to OJS. I know they had hoped to move to a similar format and functionality for OCS. Resources are limited and they do a wonderful job handling many inquires.

Again even though it is different I would recommend OCS 2.3.6 for you. I has worked fine for me for many years as I said.

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