Closing an OJS 2 site

I have an OJS 2 site whose primary editor has turned unresponsive. The site has “active” submissions and is overdue for termination. A plan for the site to move to OJS 3 was created, however, due to the lack of contact from the managing editor, we’re uncertain about the status of the site. We would like to “archive” the site / journal.

My question is… Does anyone have a standard procedure that they have for “decommissioning” or “mothballing” an OJS site such that it could relatively easily be referenced later by someone … perhaps “offline”?

Best regards, +A

Hi @AndrewGearhart

When we decommission a site, we take snapshots of the publicly accessible web directory, the files_dir directory, and a mysqldump of the database. From that you can put the site back online in the future if you needed to. To archive it in a way that it’s accessible offline would be more work and would require spidering or crawling it in some manner. Because OJS is a PHP/database application, you’d need that infrastructure unless you somehow saved the entire site as a series of HTML files. It might be easier just to take the snapshots and then toss up a LAMP or MAMP install on a local computer if you ever want to bring it back up locally.


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