Citation Style Language plugin wrong year for back issues

OJS 3.2.X

We want to include the Citation Style Language plugin to make life that much easier for authors when citing one of our journals’ articles. But the plugin grabs the year from issues->date_published, not issues->year, which makes the citation wrong for all back issues. Am I missing something or do I have to go into the database and change every instance of “date_published” to match “year”?

All the best from Oslo

Hi @geirrosset ,

You can change the date published in the OJS UI, no need to go to the DB:

Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 18.13.17

Regards, Primož

Forgot to mention. For some reason we have not been able to sort out we are unable to edit back issues. We get an error saying we do not have access to that part of the editorial flow (despite being assigned all roles).

Also. Leaving the date blank for each article should cause it to use the issue’s date as publication date, but it doesn’t. At least not if you change the issue’s date after adding the articles.