Citation Rate in OJS 3

Hello, I’m planning to install the OJS 3.

Just want to ask whether OJS 3 includes the citation counts on the passages?

If it includes this function, how does it know whether the passage has been cited?


I don’t think OJS3 supports this. But it does support using Crossref DOIs and they have a citation rate service available: Cited-by - Crossref

Thanks so much! I’ll take a look on it!

That is of course with a cost :frowning:

So if we join their services, we could include that in our OJS?

Do you know whether OJS support it’s function or not?

I guess it would be fairly easy to implement with the Cited-by widget and some custom OJS theme plugin code: GitHub - CrossRef/citedbyjs: A Cited-by widget that is easy to embed in any HTML page. But as you can see the widget is fairly old and I have no experience on how it works.

@jmacgreg knows what the plans/schedule is for supporting these Crossref services in OJS. And of course you could always ask Crossref if they have some easy ways of implementing the service.

Hi all,

(Thanks @ajnyga for CCing me!)

I don’t think the “Cited by” plugin is the way to go any more. Crossref has spent a lot of time developing Event Data: Event Data - Crossref which is a growing, open access data set that describes events that occur around Crossref DOIs. It doesn’t provide any sort of useful visual interpretation of usage data on its own - other services have to be built on top of it to do that.

We are currently partnering with Impactstory ( to provide such a service, called Paperbuzz: Paperbuzz will aggregate and “make sense” of metrics tracked in Event Data, and that data will be retrievable by API call. We’re in the process of developing a plugin to retrieve and display Paperbuzz’s metrics on article pages - citation counts, tweets, etc.

We’ll be making plenty of news about the Paperbuzz plugin integration once it’s launched - I’d suggest keeping an eye on the PKP blog, and also on the forum. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


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Is the cited-by data part of the data available through Paperbuzz? I thought it was only altmetrics.