Change name of section "Archives"

Hello everyone,

I am here for the journal “Apparatus”. We have an issue that I cannot find an easy solution for in the setup sections.

Basically, if you go on “Past Issues”, the section is called “Archives”. We are gonna introduce another feature that is gonna be called Archives and it’s gonna be something else, so the “Past Issues” page can no longer be called “Archives” (Archives).

How can I change that name?

Thank you

Since you’re using OJS 2.4.8 just use the Custom Local Plugin to chang the key. The corresponding keys (archive.archives) should be in locale.xml files of each installed locale. Just replace the key with your individual caption.

Doing the translation of the menu item is easy, but you are probably trying to change the page name in the URL?

Edit: and that will probably mean doing a lot of changes to the core, at least these:

And probably something else as well.