Change favicon in the parent journal

how to change pavicon and name open jornal system with other names such as poltek journals

You can read in this thread Change name and view journal link in multijurnals - #9 by vvucic

@Suriya_21 There are many people who use OJS and many of used already encountered several issues in testing stage which is always whise to do because many servers, environments, ways of use of OJS are different. By doing tests many of us already have had questions and mostly received answers on many or all questions valid for different working scenarios.
However, many of us dedicate our time for which we are not payed to help community members. That is what is precious in community of OJS. I am for many yeras involved in movements related to free software, open access etc. and I can tell you that despite academic character which is often not so open, the OJS community is large and open. When you come across some issue please feel free to have multiple attempts to find information by searching forum since it is possible that someone already found solution. In addition, one can have one solution but in the course of time and development of OJS that issue is fixed or added new feature that solves issue or even give more options. Thus, smart search can have multiple benefits. For example, some my solutions are not valid any more since the developers of OJS fixed that and added new features. I was not always aware of that and I also firstly do search and after that ask for help. :slight_smile:
Indeed, if you think that you have special case open new thread/topic in forum and feel free to ask. This will help those who can help you not to confuse your question with other questions and give you focused directions that can help in solving issue.
In your case I think that there is better solution than the one I used before. Please check carefully recent threads. As far as favicon is concerned it is up to you to change it, but I think that we have to find ways to give credits to people and institutions involved in the development of OJS. They are highly trained and educated and they deserve to be credited for their work. That is what I say to editorial boards and in most cases I succeed to convince them that we should not “remove all that is not our journal”.