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I want to change the date system of ojs 3.0.2 to my local date system (jalali).
i successfully change the public face of site date system with help of blow topic by change in smarty date_format function.
but i can not change the date system in admin panel. can any body help me.

i suppose it should be some sort of core function in the ojs for managing date, but i cant find any thing.

so finally I solved my problem by hard coding.
I manually changed the code which responsible for returning time string(date and strftime). the only drawback is that, in case of update they should be editing again.

Hi @Azerilatama,

If you think this is something that might be useful to others, please consider sharing your changes (ideally through a Github pull request). I might be able to help in grooming the changes into a general feature.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,

Sure. it’s the benefits of open source project and support forum.
Unforgettably i am not so familiar with github :disappointed_relieved:, so I only explain what i done.

At first sorry for poor English :sweat_smile:

at first I define a new class in core class folder => “/lib/pkp/classes/core” (which obsoletelly it can be any where else) to define the date function (date and strftime) which produce different output respect to local:

now i should change ojs code to perform my date and strftime function.
As I found the class which has the word “CellProveder” inside their name (like are responsible to admin panel data (may be a crude guess but it work in this case) so i change every date and strftime function inside them to run my functions (from date and strftime to DateManagment::date and DateManagment::strftime). and also change the strftime function inside “/lib/pkp/lib/vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/plugins/modifier.date_format.php” file which is responsible to date strings of public face of site.

the only thing now i should change is the datepicker which used in “create a new announcement” section, which i worked on it. in the case of success I would be happy to explain it (with this awful English :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Hi @Azerilatama,

Thanks for writing this up – I’m certain someone will find it useful!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

finally successfully update datepicker to my local calendar (jalali), lets see what i done.

fortunately the jquery-ui datepicker (which used in ojs) support locale so easily by adding the flowing lines to the registerJSLibrary function of the “/lib/pkp/classes/template/” file I said ojs to load the locale file of datepicker.

and i update that javascript file in order to work based on my calendar.

but there is a very important point which should be considered. when i change the calendar, becouse the ojs store the date string, it will store the date base on my calendar system, and if i change the language to English, the ojs will confused with these date string. so i should convert date to gregorian before store.

thanks again from the ojs:
If ojs find a .datepicker in tpl the code adds (form/textInput.tpl) a new hidden field with the id = [original-element-id]-altField, and its value has been posted as the date string.
so in the datepicker javascript i update the “_updateAlternate” function to store Gregorian date in the altfield. and finally change the datepicker initialization function (_attachDatepicker) to also call the _updateAlternate function at the beginning of datepicker initialization.


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thanks for this approach

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