Batch upload of files in OMP

I want to batch upload files .How to do that possible. Or is there any process using which i can upload books i have 2000 files to upload

If batch process is not there is there any Quick submit plugin as available in OJS.

Hello @akashdubey,

There are two main import tools for OMP: the tab delimited content plugin, and the Native XML plugin. Not knowing the details and format of your data, it’s hard to say which option might be best. There are some differences in importing OJS and OMP content, but you may wish to check out the data import section of our admin guide. This forum post also includes some helpful information on considerations for an OMP import: OMP - Best workflow for back issues - #2 by asmecher.

PKP staff

Thanks @rcgillis rcgillis for your reply i want to upload books with metadata.

Metadata list:
1-Author Name
5-Date of Publication