Articles in Press or Forthcoming - OJS

Hi All,

We have implemented OJS for [Irish Geography Journal ( since 2014. The current OJS version we are using is OJS and will be upgrading shortly.

The question here is, there is a menu for current and archives. Is it possible to have a menu for those articles that are in transition (submitted articles pending publishing). In our experience, it would be helpful if we have such a menu available for articles that are in press/forthcoming to inform readers of what is coming up in the next issue.

I have tried to add custom menus and create static pages as a short-term measure but if this option can be built into the OJS, it would be very useful in the longer term.

If anyone has had similar experiences, we would be happy to hear and if there is a solution already in place, all the better. Any suggestions and comments would be appreciated.

Tine Ningal
UCD, Dublin, Ireland.

I have a plugin that does this for OJS 3.1:

Thank you Ajnyga,

This sounds like we have to upgrade to OJS 3 first :slight_smile:

There are several better reasons to go for 3.1 than my plugin. It is simply a completely new system.

can i use that in OJS 3.0.2 ?

I think you can but there was a hook that changed in OJS 3.1. that the plugin is using.

should be TemplateManager::display in OJS3.0.2, but I do recommend upgrading to 3.1.1

for now i can’t upgrade but i want to get a new in top of current page there is Article in Press

Hi everyone
The Forthcoming plugin does not work on OJS 3.2. Any solution?

Yes, it is not a plugin that I maintain officially (in the plugin gallery) but one that we use at However, we have not yet upgraded to OJS3.2 so have not updated the plugin yet.

There are some big conceptual changes in OJS that affect the plugin. Have not considered yet hot it affects the Forthcoming plugin. I will probably look at it later this week.

Thank you so much @ajnyga

This plugin was very useful for me. I hope we have this plugin for the latest versions of OJS.