The Forthcoming plugin does not work on OJS 3.3+

My OJS version is 3.3.0-7
I want to use Forthcoming articles plugin
The plugin is for 3.2+

This information is from GitHub
“This is a complete rewrite of the old Forthcoming plugin which changes the whole concept of the plugin and uses the versioning features of OJS 3.2+. The new version supports statistics and using DOIs. Forthcoming articles also have their own landing pages in the same url as the final article.”

Has anyone managed to use this plugin in OJS 3.3+?
I guess this plugin needs to be updated for OJS 3.3+.
When I install the plugin it looks like in the picture.forthcomingplugin

Hi @kerimsarigul,

So far as I can tell, this plugin has not been added to the plugin gallery, and has not been tested with 3.3. @ajnyga is the plugin developer and might be able to speak further to plans for the plugin or if it has been tested with 3.3

PKP Team

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@kerimsarigul @rcgillis

Please use this:

Yes, I have not done any testing with 3.3 yet. Pull requests are of course welcome. I will start to prepare our own 3.3 upgrade in September and the plugin should be updated soon after that.


Thanks for the quick response.
This file partially worked.
Only I didn’t see “Forthcoming” in the menu settings. I added manually via remote url.

Next promlem is: I added 1 article to “Forthcoming Issue” and published it. The article did not appear on the “Forthcoming” page.

When I change forthcoming issue to current issue then article is appear.

Demo site is here:

Please follow the steps: Articles in Press or Forthcoming - OJS - #16 by Talat_Waseem

Yes, I already did that. I was able to create the forthcoming page too. But articles are not appearing even though I have published them.

Were you able to make the articles visible?
My promlem is: I added 1 article to “Forthcoming Issue” and published it. The article did not appear on the “Forthcoming” page.

You can see here:


The Forthcoming plugin is working fine with the latest version of OJS. Please see

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