After update OMP from to version, when we try to open the “Activity Log” don't show activity logs

After upgrade OMP from we found that when we try to open the “Activity Log & Notes” window, it keeps loading.
Dont appear any activity logs.
Still loading

i dint find any errors on apache logs .

i try execute SQL from this issue:

dont resolve

OMP version,
Apache version - Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu)
PostgreSQL version - 9.5.10
PHP version - 7.4.16

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Hello @Agostinho_Gomes

If you use any ad blocking or antivirus tool, temporarily disable it to see if it is interfering with the opening of that page.

This usually resolves the reported issue.

we test with different browsers, without success.
its not a “ad block” problem.

when i was searching about this problem i found a ticket about the “ad block” that was blocking js, but its not our case.

i fount this, but where is the solution?

i found this

i change “display_errors = Off” to “display_errors = On” ,and now the “Activity Logs” appears.

i dont understand.
can anyone explain why turn "display_errors = on ", make Activity Logs to show?

Got the symptom in OJS 3.3.0-15, Activity log was not loading - it turned out to be an adblock issue - when I disabled the adblocker for our site, the activity log loaded. I’m using uBlock.