After migration cannot open article page

Hello! I migrated a journal to a new host. In the new host I can access all pages except the pages of each article. In the view of an issue(where the list of its articles is located) I can see the pdf without problems. But if I want to enter the view of the article, I cannot access it.
The version is and the error log is empty. I need everything to work correctly to update to the latest version. I hope you can help me, thanks!

Hi Analia
Even I am also facing the same problem. After uprgade to latest version our published articles title link does not open.

Yes, the same thing happens to me but in an older version. Have you also migrated server? On the old server everything works fine

If you have only migrated and the pdf files are not opening even though they are in place, the reason for this is probably the “files_dir” settings.
Please check your “files_dir” setting in the configuration.php file.

I can open the pdf files but I can’t open the articles views and the error.log is empty. In the new server use the same version of php(7.1.33). I don’t understand what is wrong. :cry: