"Administration" does't work

Hello OJS-Pros,
I use ojs and have 1 administration user.

When I log in I can come to the “Administration” section when I log in and then click to Dashboard - Administration.
Obviously, there should also be a direct way, as I directly under “Dashboard” I find “view Profile” - “Administration” and “Logout”. But when I use this direct link to Administration I get: “Access denied.”

How can I fix this?

My second question is how can I add a second admin user for the website. I wasn’t able to find this role in “users and roles”.

Thank you very much,

Hi @Tina,

Can you check what roles that user account has?

See: Users and Roles

We’re testing OJS on our dev journals and seeing the same “access denied” issue when clicking on the “Administration” link with an admin user. When also clicking on Settings → Journal, we’re presented with a blank page presumably due to permissions.

Prior to upgrading the journals to OJS, both the Administration and Journal links were working fine using the same admin user. So it appears that the upgrade has changed the admin’s permissions somehow.

Have tried…

  • upgrading from OJS to (Journal A)
  • upgrading from OJS to (Journal B)

Any help would be much appreciated.



Hi @Tina

This symptom has been reported in Github at

You may reach Administration page by clicking Dashboard, and then Administration link on left bottom.

Update: Request for multiple site administrators has been discussed here.