Additional files to HTML galley: fonts

I uploaded some fonts as additional files to my HTML galleys, but I can’t see them.
Wich is the best way to add fonts (ttf)? I did it uploading them as additional documents, same as css file or images.

Thank you

Hi @Journals_UFT,

What version of OJS are you using? Are they fonts uploaded in the same publicly accessible directory as the CSS file - are you able to tell? You may want to try clearing your template and data caches (as well as your browser cache) to see if that helps them to appear: Site Administration

PKP Team

Thank you, Roger.
We are using OJS 3.1.4, looking for an upgrade this year.

I cleared the browser cache, data and template cache, and nothing happens.

I suppose the directory is the same as for the css file, because I uploaded the files same way.


By chance are the fonts ones that you can reference via a web address, rather than uploading the font files? We give a little bit of guidance around this in our guide here, but it does not go into a lot of detail: Branding Your Journal

PKP Team

No, they aren’t, it’s a pity. I will look for some similar to link to. The designer choose them thinking on print and PDF. She’s old school.
Thank you very much.

I tried linked fonts. Doesn’t work either. Even using Helvetica, it uses sans-serif browser font. I’m done here.