Add Link and image in issue description

Description of issue or problem I’m having:

Hi friends, Im trying to add a description to a magazine issue but no image or links are displayed
Althou I can upload it in the “issue data” - > “description” tab , and format it correctly:

It displays unformatted and without links

Any tips?
I’m using version and a default child theme

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Lisandro_Peralta,

You might want to try the Text Editors extras plugin. Some have reported having more success with formatting for situations like this: OJS 3: wisywig not swhowing correctly on Description of journal - #5 by bibliothekswelt -

I should note, however, that you should probably upgrade to use the plugin, as it is not compatible with 3.1 (or at least hasn’t been tested with it, so far as I can tell). Version 3.1 is no longer supported by PKP, so it might be a good idea to upgrade if you can. You might also find that upgrading addresses this issue too.

PKP Team

Thanks for the information!
I tought It should be something fixable via an upgrade.
At this moment we are trying to do it, but we are having other kind of problems that slows things down… so… expected to find a workaround in the meanwhile

thanks anyway!

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