Add author roles on registration or set as default

Hello all!

OJS 3.1.14 I want to add the ability to check “Author” role or set it default after a registration.

“Allow author” is enabled on roles, but doesn’t appear there.


The last checkbox is for reviewer and it’s working properly, why author doesn’t appear?

Since 3.1.1, all users automatically get the author role when they start a submission process.

Well, and how to let be author who register as “reviewer”?

Hi all,

See this issue: Show "New Submission" button on dashboard for reviewers · Issue #4412 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi, I have version and new users are automatically registered as readers and not as authors. Do you have a solution?
Thank you

Is there a reason why you need them to register as authors?

The user will get the author role when she submits a new submission.

yes, I would like to simplify the procedure and let him find access to all the magazines on the bulletin board

They can submit to any journal in your installation when they are registered. As I mentioned, they will aqcuire the Author role when they start the submission process.

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