Newly registered users automatically get reader or reviewer, but no author role

I have OJS
I tested registration and found that:
Newly registered users automatically get reader role, or reviewer role if the related checkbox is checked during registration. However, users never automatically get the author role. This may be confusing as for my journal, which is Open access, registration is usually needed for authors or reviewers, but not for the readers.

My OJS installation is buggy due to incomplete upgrade, so if no one else is experiencing this problem it may be related only to my installation. How can I fix this?

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Hi @dijana
Did you ever find a fix for this problem? I am using OJS 3.1.2 and have just noticed the same issue. The docs say that new users are supposed to get the author and reader roles by default but it doesn’t seem to be happening on my system.

If a user registers without checking the box for reviewer role, they end up with a submission queue but no new submission button.

They can go and give themselves the author role, but I don’t think a new user will know to do that.

But if a new user registers without the reviewer role, they do get a new submission button in their dashboard. My current fix is to not allow reviewer self-registration, so that potential authors who are also happy to review can’t accidentally block themselves from submitting. We can always add the reviewer role later when we invite people to review, but if someone finds themselves locked out of submitting they will never look at our journal again.

Hi @shaun,

You are right. I am using clean 3.1.2 OJS installation and I just reproduced this scenario.
If a user chooses to register with the reviewer role, the New submission button is not shown in the Dashboard. However, Make a submission link in Author guidelines in frontend is working properly and starts a new submission.

Anyways, New submission button is necessary in the Dashboard/backend.
@asmecher, can you look at this.
Thanks a lot.

Hi @dijana,

See e.g.: Add author roles on registration or set as default

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team