Abstract word count limits

Dear team,
I encountered a problem in the abstract field
Once I copy an abstract form a paper and paste it to the abstract field and click save, I got that message

“An unexpected error has occurred. Please reload the page and try again”

I looked at the forum for similar situation and at my log error file but I got nothing
the only solution I could preform is to shortage the abstract word and eliminate part of it and click save but this thing is not practical

your help is highly appreciated.

Hi @Salam_Al-Khammasi,

Can you please indicate which version of OJS you are using? From the sounds of it, you may need to alter the section settings for the abstract word count, which you can just do in the section settings: Journal Settings.

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis
I already did that part and assign the abstract words limits to zero but the main problem is wherever there is the word “from” in any abstract I got the error message above and once I remove “from” everything goes perfect. another problem is the unread message notification is loading forever tbh I don’t know why

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Hi @Salam_Al-Khammasi,

I am also confused by this. Can you verify which version of OJS you’re using and I’ll test this out to see if it might be a bug with the particular version, but I doubt that it is - I’m not sure what could be causing this issue.

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis,
I’m using OJS please look at the link below. I posted the problem

Hi @Salam_Al-Khammasi,

Your other post appears to be describing a separate issue. When users posts different posts, we ask that they include the version number within the specific posts, as that assists people in trying to troubleshoot the issue. So, in the future, please include your version number in the post - it is not reasonable to expect those assisting in troubleshooting to have known or assume your version number from your other posts.

For this particular issue, I’ve tested it with and could not reproduce the error. I’m not sure exactly what is going on here - do you have access to your PHP error logs and, if so, can you identify any relevant errors from there?

PKP Team

This may or may not be it, but I have seen similar errors where your database character set does not align with the database settings in config.inc.php. Do you get the same message if you try to paste a greek letter or certain accented characters into your abstract? If so, this may be it.

The default database character set in mariadb for example is latin1. But for OJS it’s utf-8. So if you use the default settings for both, you’ll end up with a mismatch between your database settings and how OJS is trying to connect.

You can see instructions for checking your database here. And if you need to change your database settings you can find instructions here.

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