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Dear comunity,
I have seen that it is possible with OMP to have a DOI for each chapters (DOI for chapters), and I would like to go further : is it possible with OMP to have a landing page (title, abstract, authors, affiliations …) for each chapters ?

One can see this openedition books for example where each chapter have its own URL/DOI and landing page.

Our goal is to publish conference proceedings with OMP.

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Hi @mlarrieu,

There is an improvement on this scheduled for version 3.4, which is tentatively due out later this year: https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/issues/7132

PKP Team


Hi @mlarrieu

It looks like it might be part of the OMP 3.4: DOI for chapters in OMP - #8 by nongenti

Regards, Primož

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