A definitive solution to display abstract views statistics?

Hello there,

I am writing here because I am wondering around for a definitive solution which would allow me to display, in each article page, the number of views. At the moment, the graph which can be activated from the Usage statistic plugins only refers to Pdf downloads.
I am aware that there have been at least three very long threads about this issue, and I have read all of them (especially: Article statistics showing 0 abstract views and 0 PDF downloads). I have tried some solutions which appeared in the threads, but they didn’t work for me. However, I see that some journals are able to show this additional statistic information on a sidebar, in a minimal and elegant way. Here is an example:


I am looking for an accessible solution to have these info displayed, and it seems to me that this is a feature that could be of interest for many persons. Do you think that there would be a chance to reach this, for the next releases of OJS?
And, for the moment, is there any documentation which would help to reach the goal in any case?
Thank you very much for your help.

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