2Question ( OJS3 bootstrap child theme and Daily Unsolicited Emails on OJS 3.0.2)

OJS 3.02 PhP 5.5

I’ve made my own child theme using bootstrap 3 based on flatly. It is called IJICTA

Like many here I’m trying to resize my logo and to sort out the menu placement.
What I would like to do now is to get the menu to align to the bottom of the logo, not the top of the logo. As the logo gets larger the menu keeps moving up. To see what is happening look at ijicta.org

And yes the logo likes quite poor, but it is serving its purpose for this testing. I appreciate the bootstrap 3 themes, now trying to work out a few of the alignment issues. Any hints more than welcome:

modifications include

&-brand {
transform: translateX(-50%);
left: 50%;
position: absolute;

.navbar-brand-logo img {
max-height: 200%;
width: auto;
added to init()

$this->modifyStyle(‘default’, array(‘addLessVariables’ => ‘@navbar-height:200px;’));

and 2 :

We keep getting emails with similar subjects “Usage statistics file loader task - 58fd257f09463 - Error” twice daily since the installation of OJS 3.0.2. Its really beginning to spam our inbox. Is there a way to turn the emails off? Please help!

Hi @quanghieuci,

On the repetitive emails, see e.g. this thread.

On theming, perhaps @NateWr can offer a suggestion.

Next time, consider posting two separate messages – and of course try searching the forum before posting. Keeping one topic per thread will help maintain order.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @quanghieuci,

It looks like you’ve switched to the Manuscript theme on the site, so I’m not able to see the issue you’re having with the logo.

Personally, I find the Bootstrap navbar component very difficult to make adjustments to. I might suggest you override the template in your child theme and place the logo above the navbar.

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