'Usage statistics file loader task - Error' emails

Since we upgraded our site to 3.0.2 a few weeks ago, we’ve been receiving emails with the subject line ‘Usage statistics file loader task - 57ec3cfbe45ee - Error’ and email content '‘Your ##common.openJournalSystems## installation automatically executed and finished this task and you can download the log file here: [LINK TO NON-EXISTENT FILE]’

We have the usage statistics plugin turned off in the admin interface and scheduled_tasks turned off in the config.inc.php file. So I’m not sure what this error is in relation to or how to turn off these emails.

Hi @SimonXIX,

I’d suggest checking your server’s PHP error logs to see if anything relevant appears there. Note also this thread: Daily Unsolicited Emails on OJS 3.0.2 - #5 by revsanda

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @SimonXIX

If you do not want to use the UsageStatistics any more, maybe you could also take a look in the DB table scheduled_tasks, if there is an entry with class_name = “plugins.generic.usageStats.UsageStatsLoader”, and if so to delete it.
Also, do you use AcronPlugin or do you maybe have a Cron-Job defined on your server that should execute the UsageStatistics scheduled task?


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Thanks @bozana, I’ve tried deleting that row from the scheduled_tasks table. We’ll see if that works for stopping the emails.

We run Acron Plugin. I’ve already checked the crontab for any scheduled tasks that I wasn’t aware of.

Thanks again.