"You do not have enough space in your user directory."

I am receiving an error code that says “You do not have enough space in your user directory.” when I try to upload a photo to Key Information section under the Journal Settings tab. See screenshot for the error message.

I am using OJS

How can I fix this issue? Please help!

Hi @sabrinachiodo,

This usually has to do with the size configuration in the public_user_dir_size setting in your config.inc.php

PKP Team

Hi Roger,

Sorry, I’m completely new to this - where can i Find config.inc.php? I’ve gone in on the back end and examined the HTML of the website and cannot seem to find it.

Thanks for your help,

It should be in the main directory of where your OJS directory lives on your server. You may have to contact your webhost and/or systems administrator if you’re not exactly share where this is for your hosting environment.

PKP team

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