Xml import plugin - galley file problem

Hi folks,

I have multiple issues to add to the journal, and there are galley files with every article, but the trouble is:

  • I have a lot of articles to add manually, so xml importing is, probably, the only sensible choice
  • it would be useful if the galley files were linked locally, I don’t want to upload them to some other server (so i can link to them using a complete url) and make them public
  • I use an external web host which apparently doesn’t allow ssh, so i don’t think, or know, if i can run php scripts via the command line

So when I create my xml and link to .pdf files locally (i.e. /home/ … /file.pdf ) I keep getting the “galley file was missing” error, probably because, as it says in the documentation, I have to run the import script via the command line for local linking to work. But I don’t think I can.

Any solutions / workarounds?

Have you already discounted embedding the file directly in the XML import?

I’ll give it a try and I’ll get back with another reply after it has succeeded / failed…