Xml Import and export articles and issues error

I use * [Articles & Issues XML Plugin]: Import and export articles and issues " and get export xml file for all publish issue.
But when import xml file,2 Problem is created:
1- submitter name chande and write admin (Who uploaded the xml)
2- The number of articles will change : For example, on a old site, there are article number is 420 and now on the new site article ID IS 5.
new and old web (ojs 2.4.8.-1)

Please guide me.

Are you wanting to copy an OJS site as-is from one server to another, retaining all the original internal ids? If so, you may want to backup and restore the database rather than use the export/import tools.

I want to new website and server. we get when export xml, But import to new website the article ID has been change. What is the solution to the previous number?

If you want to move your website as-is to a new server or host, the best way to do this is to perform a backup of the mysql database and of the file system. You can then restore this copy on your new server or host.

We upgrade ojs 2 to 3 but dont complete upgrade. We downgrade to ojs 2. We reagain upgrade see database error. We dont get backup database ojs2. We think again install ojs 2 and import issue and user and then upgrade to ojs3. You suggest for us?
How upgrade with database damage?

Unfortunately, with a partially upgraded database and without any consistent backup, I think your only option is to export the articles and issues as you are doing. You can update the DOIs (if you are using DOIs) to reflect the new URLs, but I don’t think OJS2 has a facility to preserve the original IDs.