Wrong username logged in the editorial history


I am testing OJS 3.1.0 and I believe have found the editorial history logging wrong usernames. Here is the printscreen:


I have been logged in the OJS as the “admin” but using the option “log in as” to simulate different users (urednikojd, avtorojs,…). The logs says the user is all the time “admin”, although the event explanation clearly states the correct user that produced an event. I would expect that the user for the submission event should be avtorojs and not the admin. Is that on purpose? I believe that would make history review faster and clearer.

Regards, Primož

Good question, I was wondering the same thing just a couple of days ago. I figured that this is intended to make the editorial history reflect the actual user doing the changes, but maybe this is a bug, @asmecher?

Hi all,

I do think activities recorded using “Logged In As” should be distinguished from those performed by the actual user, though I agree that this current approach isn’t as clear as it should be. Any recommendations? For example, should something like “(This action was performed by xyz while logged in as abc)” be appended to the message?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Hi @asmecher,

Thank you for the explanation. So it is not a bug, but a feature :slight_smile: I understand it.

As a “feature request” I would say the best would be to log something as “author (by admin)”. That would mean that the admin has performed the action logged in as author. Having the second name the username of the actual performer of the action will be more readable in the log I believe. My two cents.

Best regards, Primož