Wrong translation for formatted date (issue publish date) in Indonesia

Hi, i found that the formatted getDatePublished failed or have the wrong month translation for Bahasa Indonesia



June should be translated as Juni not June, any idea?

OJS Version

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Hi @Yudy_Ananda,

Thanks for flagging this. I’m inquiring with some other members of our teams on how to go about addressing this, and I (or another team member) will follow-up when I receive a more clear response.

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PKP Team

Hi everyone,

Date formats in OJS, on the front end in the templates, are handled by Smarty, the template engine the software uses. You can specify the format in your config.inc.php file, and then ultimately the date_format Smarty modifier changes the date into the format you want, as described here:


If the month string is not translating correctly, it may be an underlying issue with how PHP’s locales are configured on your server.


that clould make sense, it’s still under development using xampp in my local computer