Wrong file type (application_pdf)

Hi there,
I found a little bug.
When I upload a PDF galley the file type results to be “application/pdf” or \“application/pdf\” instead of application/pdf.
This means that when in frontend I click a PDF link it appears a dialog box which ask me to save the file…
instead of the normal view

So I have to manually change each oh these data in mysql

Hi @stefanoruster,

That sounds like something pretty unusual coming out of one of three methods OJS uses to detect file types. I’d suggest investigating in lib/pkp/classes/core/String.inc.php in the mime_content_type function – first determine (e.g. using error_log) which of the three methods OJS is using based on your system’s support. Then experiment with calling that function to see why it’s reporting something so strangely quoted.

I would guess that your system is falling back on the file command-line utility, which means OJS couldn’t find a way to work with the other two (preferred) methods. If that’s the case, one solution would be to get the other methods working. If OJS finds one it can use, it’ll prioritize that over the file utility.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team