Wrong automatic dates for the review timeline

Hi all,

I am using OJS It is very strange, sometimes the automatic due dates for a review are out of any limits. Instead of 3 weeks as configured it says for example 8 years (see the example bellow).


But not always! Some dates are correct. Any idea what can be wrong?

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs

What exactly is in your Settings > Workflow > Review > Default Review Deadlines?
And you did not do any code changes, right?


Hi @bozana,

I have not done any code changes. The settings are following:

Best regards, Primož

Apparently the OJS 3.1 has some incompatibility with the format day - month - year to set the review deadline.

I had to switch in the config.inc.php to the default values:

; Short and long date formats
date_format_trunc = “%m-%d”
date_format_short = “%Y-%m-%d”
date_format_long = “%B %e, %Y”
datetime_format_short = “%Y-%m-%d %I:%M %p”
datetime_format_long = “%B %e, %Y - %I:%M %p”
time_format = “%I:%M %p”

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Hmmm… strange…
@primozs, what is your configured date_format_short?
Are all your review response dates strange?

For me:
date_format_short = “%d-%m-%Y”

Date to reviewer accept: 01-01-1970

In ojs 2.x it works correctly with this date format.

Hi @bozana and @abadan,

Thank you for your help. That might be the case. I am using “european” formats that worked for the OJS 2:

;SLO local
date_format_trunc = “%d.%m”
date_format_short = “%d.%m.%Y”
date_format_long = “%e. %B %Y”
datetime_format_short = “%d.%m.%Y %I:%M %p”
datetime_format_long = “%e. %B %Y - %I:%M %p”

I will change them back to the default. Hopefully that will solve the problem. Will observe and let you know.
@bozana: No, not all the dates are wrong. Some are, some not. And not that the wrong date are “ureadable”, just wrong, in correct format.

Best regards, Primož

Hi all,

This is already filed at Changing date formats in config.inc.php can lead to misparsed dates · Issue #2689 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub – I’ll link to this thread (with its specific date format configurations) from that issue.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team