Writable file and folders

In the instruction for installation it is stated

Make the following files and directories (and their contents)
writeable (i.e., by changing the owner or permissions with chown or

   * config.inc.php (optional -- if not writable you will be prompted
     to manually overwrite this file during installation)
   * public
   * cache
   * cache/t_cache
   * cache/t_config
   * cache/t_compile
   * cache/_db

Is it possible to give this instruction in The Octal 0755 or 0775 or 0777? Which one should it be?
Am I suppose to make them unsuitable after installation again?

Hi @Dilan_Rostam,

You’ll have to consider file ownership, not just numeric permissions. See this FAQ entry on file permissions.

777 permissions are never safe to use, and shouldn’t ever be needed.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you, I set all above requested file and folders to 0750