Why use and install OJS?

Hi guys, I need the advantages and disadvantages of OJS vs web developer ??


Hi @Ulises_Ayala,

Do you mean the advantages of using OJS vs developing your own journal publishing software tool? The main advantage of using OJS is you get an out-of-the-box software tool with all of the built-in features described on our website and in this brochure, which is free to use under an open source license. But perhaps if you have a very unique workflow and would need to extensively customize OJS to accommodate your journal, then it might be better to develop your own tool.

I welcome other OJS users to comment about their experiences!

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

In most cases, making own CMS for the journal is overkill. Before opening our journal, I have tested several variants, including Wordpress and Ambra (PLoS journals). I have choosen OJS because of community, specificity for scientific journals and good coding style. I have learnt OOP on OJS :slight_smile:


Hi @Ulises_Ayala

I have worked for many years in publishing (both big and small publishing houses) and I can really recommend OJS. “Big” publishers often use expensive systems like Editorial Manager and Manuscript Central, but in my experience OJS is even better than those paid-for systems. The editorial workflow is very straight-forward (even the most technically challenged editors can handle it ;)) and the production side of things is good, too. Also, you can get the journal website to look really good!

All in all, I think it is hard to come across another all-inclusive system (peer-review, production, publishing platform/website and indexing) that compares to OJS.

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