Why doesn't the article page have a description tag?

It is true that the description tag can be added for the pages in the new versions, but the articles do not have this tag.
What is the reason for this and if this tag is added in the code for example displays a part of the abstract, will there be a problem?

I have a question, even though this tag is one of the three main and essential tags of the web page, why is it not used in the articles page?

Hi @zerof,

Do you mean how the <meta name="DC.Description"> source gets displayed? That is usually used for the abstract? Or maybe I’m not understanding you correctly - could you clarify?

PKP Team


I mean the tag below

<meta name="description" content="Some description text about this page" />

(I use bootstrap 3 template)

And I don’t have the above tag on my articles page
Shouldn’t this tag be on the articles page?
And if I add this tag to the articles page, will there be a problem?

Hi @zerof,

Thanks for clarifying. I couldn’t duplicate this. I was using 3.3.0-14 - which version are of OJS are you using? I will follow-up with our developers about this, but it would be helpful to know which version you’re using.



version :

Is it okay to use <meta name="description" on the articles page?

example of my article page : https://jclr.rovedar.com/index.php/JCLR/article/view/14

What specifically are you hoping to gain from the meta description tag? The meta description tag is no longer used for search rankings, and the meta dc.description tag is a equally (or more) valid and utilized source for search result snippets.

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