Why can't I find the Articles online (in Google search engine and Google Scholar)?

Hi everyone,
I have noticed that Articles published in the previous weeks do not appear when I try to search for them in the Google search engine and also in Google Scholar.
I inform you in advance that the OJS system has been installed in a domain (not a subdomain) in the latest version currently available (3.3).
If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix the problem and be able to see the Articles correctly on the net, please let me know.
Thanks in advance for your support.

Hi @Fra04,

Is it your first issue that your journal has published, or have you published issues previously and they have shown up in Google Scholar/Google?

PKP Team

Hi and thanks for your availability @rcgillis ,
Yes, this is the first issue. Note that it was published more than a week ago, but the articles still don’t appear on the net if one tries to search for them.


Hi @Fra04,

Thanks for clarifying. It can sometimes take several weeks (and in some cases months), before Google Scholar/Google indexes your site. I would give it some time and check back in a few weeks time. If it’s been some months and it’s still not showing up, we do offer some guidance for things that you can do with your OJS instance in our guide: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/google-scholar/en/#troubleshooting-for-site-administrators

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis ,
I will do as you suggest.
Thanks for the support.

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Hi @Fra04,

To force indexing on Google, you have more options:

  • Create a sitemap.xml and upload it via Search Console. Of course, you need to confirm the validity of the domain.
  • Test it via Search Console, the webpage of your issue is indexed; if not, request indexing.

More basic problems:
Robots.txt file: Check the robots.txt file and make sure that access to Google bots is not blocked.

Noindex tags: Check that there is no noindex tag on the web page. If noindex tags are placed on a web page, it can prevent Google from indexing the page.

Domain authority issues: If a website doesn’t have enough authority in the eyes of Google, it can cause indexing issues. Make sure the website has enough relevant and quality links pointing to it.

But, minimum one or two weeks, sometimes more, need to passed how Google can index your content.


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