Why are non-English alphabetic characters not showing up in Preview?

Hello all – I’ve got a few articles that use non-English characters – e.g. letters with accents – from different languages (French, Spanish, Latin) in a few of our articles. In Kompozer, these letters show up fine. When I upload the HTML to OJS, in the Preview the letters show up as Question marks.

I scoured the forums to see if others have experienced this, and didn’t find any threads directly related, but saw a few related to language settings, so I figured perhaps I haven’t enabled a non-English keyboard on the site, so I went to Site Administrator and installed/enabled French and Spanish. However the question marks are still showing up. Any advice? I’m pasting a screenshot below of the preview. Many thanks in advance.

We had the same problem and found that the character sets were not correctly set up. This cannot be corrected at the Journal Manager level. The System Administrator needs to do this. Note that our SA found that different character sets had been set up for different fields so be warned; fixing one field will not necessarily fix all. Once the SA fixed the problem I had to reload the affected data.

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It might also help to double-check that the file was saved in suitable encoding, like UTF-8, and that the html doesn’t carry a wrong encoding info line. Another way of expressing special characters in HTML safely is to encode them: http://webdesign.about.com/od/localization/l/blhtmlcodes-fr.htm

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Thanks for the response, @SueTyerman I am the System Administrator as well (many hats here!), do you know what your SA did?

thanks @ojsbsb, this is helpful, though seems a bit labor intensive… am I understanding correctly that each and every character would need to be replaced with a different expression?

Hi @msengulj,

You should be able to set Kompozer to use UTF-8 (rather than Latin1 or whatever it’s currently using), and it should take care of converting the characters for you.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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@asmecher thank you-- solved!