Which plugin do you recommend that pay for the same function as alm

Hi @Gokmen_ARSLAN

Could you check if the usage statistics log files are processed correctly? Are they all in folder archive/? What is the last entry (date) in your database table metrics?

If you want to customize the theme, you should do that in plugins/themes/defaultManuscript/. (I assume you have set this theme in Settings > Website > Appearance).
Maybe the PKP Theming Guide can help: https://www.gitbook.com/book/pkp/pkp-theming-guide/details



Thanks for your quick reply.

Yes, I have set this theme in Settings > Website > Appearance (in plugins/themes/defaultManuscript/).
I made several changes in the 1-stylesheet file; however, after a few minutes, the original file uploaded automatically with removing my changes.

How can I modify this file?

I do not find any answer in the form.

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You should never change the files in the cache/ folder – it is cache.
You could change the files in the plugins/themes/defaultManuscript/ folder, if you would like to make changes on that theme.
But actually the correct way would be to override the styles in a new CSS file and upload it in Settings > Website > Appearance > Journal style sheet or create your a child theme as described inthe PKP Theming Guide.
It can be that you have to delete the .css files in the cache/ folder after you make a change to see it in action…