Which one helps me create the aoi for Open Archives Initiative validation? step by step please

my greetings I am new to the forum I installed open system journal but I cannot generate the oai.xml file to validate my platform please I am looking for someone who can help me create it step by step

Hi @mebarkimerouanedz,

Typically you can access your OAI-PMH endpoint using the following format:

Are you able to access that on your journal?

PKP Team

I am delighted with your response but I need a model oai file to enter my journal information and I put it in open journal system
oai file to validate my system

What’s the URL of your journal?

Jonas Raoni

IS m’y url journal

Thanks! Your OAI-PMH endpoint is accessible with this URL: https://atras-univ-saida.dz/archive/index.php/files/oai

You can use this site to validate it: https://validator.oaipmh.com/

If you really need the XML content, you can open that link and save the page.

Jonas Raoni

Your journal must have published articles to be validated in this tool, and looks like your just have one issue, without articles.

Jonas Raoni

so I have to publish the articles in this issue so it will be active, that’s it

If you really want to ensure that the validation is working, then yes :slight_smile:

Jonas Raoni