Which of these Crossref features are already available for OJS 3.0.2?

Using OJS 3.0.2
I see in the PKP Wiki for Crossref that the following features are still to be deployed:

  • automatic DOI deposit to CrossRef on article publication (2.4.5)
  • inclusion of other article metadata in the CrossRef deposit, including author ORCID iDs; article abstracts; and more (OJS 2.4.5);
  • inclusion of FundRef funding data (forthcoming);
  • support for the CrossMark publication record service (forthcoming)

Are any of the above specs already available for OJS 3.0.2?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Dear @jascanio,
The first one “automatic DOI deposit to CrossRef on article publication” is definitely present. However, you need to get login credential from crossref for that purpose.

I am not sure about the others.


Dear @anupent
Thanks very much for your reply.
We already have Crossref credentials.

thanks again!


The things available in 2.4.5 are in 3.0.2.

Soon also Funding data (formerly fundRef): GitHub - ajnyga/funding: Integrates Crossref Funder registry to OJS3 and OMP3 (still under development)

I know that there has been discussions about CrossMark as well, but do not know the schedule or aims.

thanks for your info!

Dear @asmecher, I just got to know from one of your posts that publishers using OJS from low income countries can register for Crossref DOI. Our journals are based in Pakistan which is in the list you mentioned. Please guide.

dear @sulaman,

I suggest you go through this page.


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Great! Thank you all