Where to find the email log?

I don’t know where to look for our email log. We’re using version 2.x.

I think I sent out submission instructions to an author, but she hasn’t submitted yet. So any email sent to her is not part of a submission record, and I don’t know how I find whether I sent it out or not. Our journal is hosted by PKP, so I’m not as experienced with the guts of the system as many users here. I don’t appear to be assigned as a Site Administrator.


The OJS logs only e-mails that are send from within the system/OJS during the publication process steps of an article. Those e-mails you can find as editor on the article page, under “History” and then “Email Log”. The other e-mails, sent from another places in the system (e.g. as journal manager) you cannot see, I think.


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Thanks for the response, which is helpful although it’s surprising and disappointing that all emails aren’t tracked.


Agree with Amy. It’s not been included in latest version of OJS (3) as well.
I felt it should be one of the important setting to track email communications between OJS and users.

Is there any other way around to monitor the email history?

I am using version 3.3.x and I can see that OJS is saving the logs of each SMTP mailing to the ‘email_log’ table in its database. I don’t know if there is a UI to view these logs. If so, I don’t know him. However, the logs can certainly be viewed at the OJS database level by accessing the email_log table. For example, to search for correspondence to a specific recipient, you could use the following SQL query:

SELECT * FROM 'email_log' WHERE 'recipients' REGEXP '<part-or-all-of-the-email-address-you-are-looking-for>' ORDER BY 'date_sent' DESC;
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