Where to branch off for a correct pull request?


I have been ironing out some small imperfections in OJS 2.4->3.0 upgrade code (partially around case sensitivity in issue #1924 that hit me when trying a clean upgrade from 2.4.5 to 3.0.1) and I would like to create a pull request. I have read both Information_for_Developers and Github_Documentation_for_PKP_Contributors Wiki pages, but I am still unsure whether my pull request may be branched off the current ojs-3_0_1-stable branch or whether for pull requests I should always branch my changes off master. Any advice?

I am also not so sure that I completely understood the way of correct linking between commits to ojs repository and between commits to pkp-lib (my changes span both of them), but I will ask those questions later :wink: in case that I am really lost.


– jan

Hi @jprk

Mater branch is always good (for any new feature and fixes) and ojs-stable-3_0_1 branch is good if that is a necessary/useful fix/feature for that version. If you would use master branch and we realize that it should be cherry-picked elsewhere, we can do it.

Does this help?